The reader worked well, better than my ThinkPad which has a tendency to read incorrectly unless you are spot on. It will be interesting to see when the Z60 gets Core Duoized how it stacks against the N There are seven brightness levels. The higher resolution screen will allow you to see more of the screen, which is a nice plus. The glossiness did bother me a bit, mostly in well lit environs. There is a bit of movement on the next key if you are really clacking away on it.

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The N will be available on March 28th at Lenovo. I tried to get this replaced but, service centre says to walk in with the device for a check, travelling to service centre will cost me lenoovo than what i have paid for the witless mouse.

Here is the N stacked up against my T It is not as bright as the Fujitsus and Sonys of the world, but the extra resolution more than makes up for it in my opinion.

It has only one AA battery which makes your device less weight. Lenovo N Wireless Optical Mouse.

Used this product for 18 months nd now it’s battery consumption is very high. For the most part the wireless card worked well. It could remember passwords in Foxfire though it did not require a swipe to logon onto any password protected sites, but I did not delve into it too deeply.


It also has very good error correction.

Lenovo N100 Review (pics, specs)

It is a serious number cruncher. The buttons on it were fairly quiet. The contoured design feels good in either hand and offers more comfort. Performance on the hard drive was good. The touchpad sits on center beneath the space bar.

Unlike other mice I used, the cover isn’t the bottom but the top part lenovoo one with the lenov There are seven brightness levels. It seems a little slow for a 24x burn, but more importantly I had no playback issues with the CDs.

Reading text was more difficult on lower settings. I would rather see Lenovo invest the money elsewhere as a decent pair of headphones will always be better. I wish notebook designers would put more effort here. Viewing angles were not particularly good which surprised me some since glossy screens generally tend to have better viewing angles.

Lenovo N Review (pics, specs)

Design is good When its working, no problem It stopped working after 4 months of usage. Order Status View the status of a single order. How to connect it. The N has lots to recommend about it. I included some business and wirelesw class notebooks here as the N features indicate it has a foot in both worlds. One area that did warm was right side wrist rest which is located directly over the hard drive.


According to the manual, during the first year parts and labor are covered while the second and third year only parts are covered. This is wireleds soft mouse and so gaming is not preferred. It uses OmniPass software to control the functions of the reader. I guess having an extra core comes in handy.

There were no unexplained gaps or misaligned parts leonvo I noticed.

Seeing how useless that was, my educated guess is that it is around 6. The buttons sit farther away from the edge than I am used to. As you can see below the burn lenogo is excellent, not something seen with regularity on laptop drives. The N comes equipped with a fingerprint reader something not seen on most consumer notebooks.