Use a flat screwdriver to turn the slotted front of each fuse holder counter clockwise; the holder pops out so you can extract the fuse. The image is cropped to the area specified in the crop settings you selected. Pre-Owned Request Information Description: Click OK to close the dialog box. A technique for separating molecules based on the differential movement of charged particles through a matrix when subjected to an electric field. Bring the window into focus by clicking the image. Move the boundary line up or down; the center recalculates; the band appears there.

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Mitsubishi Monochrome Printer P91W

See Setting Up a Custom Application on page 43 for more information. More Products From This Supplier. Connect the printer to the computer. Start Page The Start Page guides you through creating, opening, and viewing protocols and images. Protocol files are saved with a.

To change the color of multiple items, hold down the CTRL key and click each item. Save enables you to save a protocol or image file once the protocol or image is named. Font—first click the text box you want to change.


You can display the image on your computer STEP 4. Image Lab software supports two kinds of protocol: Define an area of interest by surrounding it with a shape. If accessories are added, change the system calibration in the Instrument Setup dialog box.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

This standard curve is then used to calculate the values of the unknown bands. Remove the paper tape from the bottom surface of each edge guide. Choosing a Protocol You can also choose recently used protocols or image files from the lists on the Start Page.

Mitsubishi Monochrome Printer P91W

The print report settings can be chosen with the Report Settings dialog box in the Edit menu or by clicking Report in the main toolbar. Next cycles through all open image files from oldest to newest. Grid View—by default, multichannel images appear in grid view.

This instrument is suitable for mjtsubishi use only. When running chemiluminescent blots, you can use a signal accumulation mode, which takes a series of exposures within a period of time. The open images appear listed in the left pane of the Create Multichannel Image dialog box. To set up a thermal printer on a Windows system: You can zoom in on an area in a current view to export only that area, mitsubihsi you can export the entire image.


Resizing the Analysis Table window is restricted when a Protocol window is open. In multichannel images, you can also copy annotations from one channel to another using the same method. The amount of memory required for using the program is determined mainly by the size of the images you scan and analyze. This is useful when you zoom in to a small section of an image.

Mitsubishi P91w Digital Monochrome Ultrasound Medical Thermal Printer 13310

Printed with normal margin. The Sony UP-D is a feature packed printer to allow for the greatest flexibility in black and white prints. See Appendix C, Appendix C. To crop an image using saved crop settings: This manual mitsjbishi for: OPEN A stored value will not be lost even if the power is turned off.

Adjust—if the gel image is irregular, you can adjust the orientation of all lanes by dragging a single corner of the lane frame.