A web-based e-learning management system with contents management capabilities. My-MS is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and markets high performance semiconductor products. To schedule a meeting with M dot Mobile Sdn. Selling new Product of desktops, notebook, servers and pheripherals. In addition, a community portal gives users the chance to own their personal websites.

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Today, mscsb is proud to offer our customers, the new malaysians, a new breed of computers along wiht a wider range distribution and after sales services. Intranet Research Sdn Bhd 7. Our value to you We simplify our clients’ process in confronting the challenges and opportunities in today’s fast paced technology-driven environment and guide them towards sustainable solution.

Received first two registered patents and four more thereafter. Incorporated in and awarded MSC Status.

Much of our business is in the OEM manufacturing, however, we have also produced our own products. My-MS is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and markets high performance semiconductor products.

Our target markets are: Enter your text here. MSCTC Services Independent Solutions with best practices We advise our clients on how best to use ICT, human capital and global best practices that endure to accommodate their business or organizational needs. Our mims We have the knowledge experience and methodology in e-government, e-commerce and technology strategy, built from the MSC flagship applications and our contributions in other international ICT initiatives.


Fairly established computer companies in the Middle Eastern Region and beyond their shores.

MSCSB – MIMOS Smart Computing Sdn Bhd | AcronymAttic

All write-ups are in English. Intranet Research Sdn Bhd. M dot Mobile Sdn. The objective is to enable software developers to achieve platform independence via JVM using the time tested C language. To appoint local distributors for our SmarThumb.

Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd

These are applications designed to help you improve personal productivity and management, as well as other applications that help enhance the security and confidentiality of your computer use. Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhdhttp: Related Products By Sponsors.

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The Strategic Partners should have wide coverage in the Middle East region with strong technical and marketing team.

How to feature my Ad? This allows us to analyze, develop and deploy requirements compiting and effectively.

To schedule a meeting with Intranet Research Sdn Bhd. Recently, the products have been adopted by the University of Science and Technology in Yemen.



A complete suite for Managed Security services. With partners and distributors in different regions, our customers spans from Asia to Europe and other parts of the world. Samples in periodicals archive: Curently our market segment covering almost government agencies and also corperate sectors.

Multimedia Development Corporation 2. Launched Makcik PC, a prototype portable computer. Preferably, organizations or businesses who are in the consulting area and are looking for expertise offered by our organization.

The nomadic feature gives its users the freedom to move but yet informed. Now, subscribers can make and receive msart calls while browsing the Internet at very competitive rates to anywhere in the world.

To schedule a meeting with M dot Mobile Sdn. We focus on simplifying the problem solving processes and building capacity for our clients to execute.