To retrieve a call, the user can go off-hook by lifting the handset and pushing the speaker button. Disabling means that a service is suspended but not completely turned off. If desired you can shorten or lengthen this period of time in one-minute increments, or you can disable the automatic deletion of ICMP redirect messages altogether. All include parameters should be located in the original file downloaded from the FTP server. There is a major impact to the system when the SoftSwitch is down or having problems. If users were running PCM at the time of the outage, they can still compose and playback messages.

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In the larger enterprise, there may be small- to medium-sized groups working together as a contact center. FTP boot is not what a user should use to boot the switch because this action does not support certain services.

ShoreGear E1k Voice Switch. Returns switch to factory defaults.

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See the table on Table on page 59 for more information about specific VxWorks commands. See the table on Table on page 87 for more information about the specific commands. Since multiple servers share the task of switch management, if a server fails, only the extensions it controls may be affected by a disruption in service. This tool runs a set of commands on the switch and sends the output to the server using TCP port This connection used for configuration and monitoring of the system and the port is established for the duration of the session.


Press the Next button to proceed to the Date Selection panel. The startgroup command starts a group that has been stopped.

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The default value is 0 milliseconds. Values must be 0— To change or set a parameter, select the item you wish to change, then type the parameter number and press Enter. There are no obvious signs that installer logging has been enabled.

Using the Event Log. The voice switches have flash memory that allows permanent storage of the call control software and configuration information.

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Each remote server manages its own SoftSwitch, as well as ShoreGear switches assigned to it. Printed in the United States of America. For more information, see the following website: A complete ShoreTel system is composed of four fundamental components: Virtual users are hosted on the Headquarters SoftSwitch. Systems may optionally include distributed servers.

To start a SoftSwitch Telnet session on the server: Each of these initial configuration files, in turn, references a custom configuration file that can be manually edited by a system administrator.


HeadsetLevels ,,,,,,13,13 Inserting the following line reduces the headset side tone by 6 dB, which some CS50 users prefer: The change in functionality is transparent to the user.

The phones support the following parameters.

IP100A, IP101, IP101A

A log level remains in effect until a new setLogLevel command is issued. Step b Type ipbxctl -telneton xxx.

Open specified mail box. The server sends voice mail notifications and attachments to the voice mail viewer and Outlook using HTTP port No parity Flow Control: When the phone displays the date and time, the boot and upgrade process is complete.

Ip100w it is SG, use the SG row. The command line response depends on the account to which you log into.

If the switch does not receive an IP address from the DHCP server and an address is not available from a previous state, the switch continues polling the DHCP server until it receives an address.