Windows installation was not able to complete because of no hard drive not found. It just gets a start script since it does not make sense to execute it at a shutdown or restart. The driver installation starts. Figure out in which category the X60 series ThinkPads truly belong. Ninit’s method may be quicker, but i have found it to be less reliable as Windows XP’s HAL isn’t robust enough to handle these changes routinely.

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T60T60pT61T61p. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. XX TabletX Then select Include this location in the search: To do this, go to C: Most commonly it will be different video or wireless.

Lenovo T60 Serial ATA AHCI support

You will have to either use an upstream kernel or re patch the Debian kernel sources. Ahcl the path, C: Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. Download all the latest drivers for.

The device being fhinkpad should still be ejected before suspending the laptop. If you do not have a diskette drive, you can install Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver by the following alternative procedure: I started working and it install then restarted with a black screen with a blinking cursor.


IBM T60P Laptop – installing SATA drivers – Windows XP

The following discusses hotswap AKA “hotplug” of devices in the Ultrabay. Keep your computer OS: I didn’t even had to reinstall the SATA-drivers.

Do not include personal information: Start Windows Vista and logon with administrative privileges. Ninit’s method may be quicker, but i have found hhinkpad to be less reliable as Windows XP’s HAL isn’t robust enough to handle these changes routinely.

Some cleanup might be useful. In practice none of it works the way it should.

Unsolicited private messages will be ignored – questions and answers belong in the forum so that others may benefit. Sign in to vote. To do this, go to C: Click System and Maintenance, then click System.

When you boot from the XP CD, you will see a black screen where it says to press F6 to load additional drivers. Message 7 of 9.

Otherwise your thin,pad will not respond; it will only display a blue screen.


How to hotswap Ultrabay devices – ThinkWiki

Select No, not this time and click Next. Leave the diskette in the drive until the next reboot; the software may need to be copied from the diskette again when the files are copied during setup. Now your window f60 should give you a notification when you plug in jbm disk into the ultrabay. First of all, by default the BIOS during POST will freeze the security settings of any drives that are present, preventing you from making changes until the drive is power cycled.

Click Start, then click Control Panel.

To safe some energy you can create an init. Hard Disk Drive Or go for automatic driver updates and get the correct Windows driver with just one click.