I’ll try that, I haven’t been online in the past few days or I’d have tried this then, I’m hoping it works. Retrieved from ” https: Even if you can’t help, thanks anyway. Under certain memory configurations on bit platforms, using this card’s driver and some other drivers usually but not exclusively nVidia’s proprietary driver at the same time requires more of a particular type of address space allocated than the kernel will allocate by default. They are supported by the cx18 driver. This page remains as there is significant information herein not included in the official documentation.

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Sorry, haven’t logged on in a week, sure, I can try to set something up when I find where I saved the driver. Org X11 Autotools macros xgl-maint at redhat dot com xorg-xxdm X. The drivers released and included in recent kernels contain a bug which may cause stuttering while watching TV, so it will be necessary to build them yourself.

These improvements are now available in the main v4l-dvb tree linuxtv. I do not know conexaht it is the drivers, if it is an unsupported card in the software, or possibly both and several other things. My recipe is posted here: Anyone else got any ideas? If you are considering building a new system that uses this card’s IR blaster, you might want to use Mythdora, which includes Jarod’s driver.


I got the card working, tested it with VirtualDub, but, now I just need freeware capture software, anyone got any idea’s?

Archive:PackageMaintainers/PackageStatus/CompsF10Missing – Fedora Project Wiki

I hate hardware out of box machines, never any driver support. All of the grey remote’s keys are working.

Massive Tuniq Tower heatsink Fedora devel We have packages in comps-f10 file. The Fedora Project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat.

Core component z dot kota at gmx dot net recode Conversion between character sets and surfaces zcerza at redhat dot com dogtail GUI test tool and automation framework zprikryl at redhat dot com less A text file browser similar to more, but better Packages listed in comps-f10 but not available We have 16 packages missing: For comments or queries, please contact us.

Here are some resources to take a conxeant at.

Increasing vmalloc will allow more than one card to start on some system configurations. For the record, the card shows up as two devices, these two: If you see either of the two following messages appear, you will need to go to Common Problem: PM me you’re email on here and I’ll mail you the driver when I find it, it’s somewhere in my Installs and Archives folder.


The over-the-air tuner supports all ATSC formats, up to the high definition i format. Hopefully this driver issue will be resolved in a future kernel release. The following script reads 2MB seconds of data from the analog tuner and throws the data away. And if they know of a driver to get it working. A cable set top box, for example, can be controlled by this card’s IR transmitter. Hauppauge product page for the HVR Could you post it somewhere or send to my e-mail?

The firmware from yum repositories may not have the right version either. Click here it’s easy and free. This is a link to the linuxtv.

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Did you miss your activation email? Evidently at some point several years ago he was given a tape drive reader with a load of tape drives ranging from GB. Thanks for the help though, I’ve tried so many drivers trying to get this thing to work.

December 12, Forum only search News: The retail harmnics of the card supports and comes with an IR Blaster and Receiver, as well as a Remote.