Do you already have an account? Your copy of MW2 sure will miss it I’m sure. There appears to be no intention to discredit your product, merely established members citing issues with it, and finally, any “legal action”, unless stipulated does not apply here in the UK, only in the country it is taken in. Jan 13, Messages: Are you on the latest firmware?

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Jul 16, Messages: Now what would really help is for someone with the same controller and game to report that they do, or do not have the same problem.

I seem to have less connection ‘jitters’ if I give the thing line of sight. Try changing fragnstein pc mouse sensitivity from Fragnstein pc to High.


Your nickname or email address: I got a couple of hours in with the latest COD expert firmware last night and felt that it played well. Cheers mate – it hadn’t occured to me that I rfagnstein have a faulty unit.

There is a choice for “mouse calibration” level 1 – 5 but no explanation of exactly what this changes. Dave HJan 18, Hopefully between all of us and Banco’s enthusiasm to please it’s customers we’ll be able to achieve gaming perfection!


FragNStein PS3 Controller

Tried the new firmware but couldn’t get it to upload on my Vista machine, although the instructions state that it will work. WideloadFrabnstein 10, Discussion in ‘ Playstation Forums ‘ started by simpleguyDec 9, Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Who’s Online 0 Cp. For PC use it does not get any better — you can use the Mouse just as any other normal mouse but with the high res adjustable CPI.

Jan 12, at 9: I then had to stop testing because the battery died in the fragchuck. They suggest that my FragPro wireless is faulty and have offered a warranty replacement, so I’m sending it back to them tomorrow.

Bannco’s Fragnstein

Our web site has gamer forums and an active administrator to help you find solutions to various hardware and software questions. Jan 13, at 9: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

On top of all that the left mouse button seems to have packed in, as SplitFish just don’t seem anywhere near as proactive and Banco, so it’s going in the bin. Jan 4, at 9: On a side note, fragntein have any idea where Bannco and Splitfish are based?


I doubt any firmware upgrade will solve the battery drain issue considering splitfish asked Wideload to send his unit back coz it’s a defect.

All PC games are supported as any other normal PC game mouse. What about product quality?

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I just assued that you had to be real close and have line of sight for it to work effectively and anything less gave connection problems. Thanks for visiting us for all things game related.

Jan 13, at 7: I’m finding its great when moving and can stop and fragnsten very quickly if required. Jan 18, at 5: Programmable, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of accuracy. Will update on that cable length detail once I get the chance, unless someone else with similar experience would like to add that in.