A bit cheaper, and more feature laden than the equivalent SB’s. IF all the above holds true, maybe the cheapest, and certainly a good entry into full games capability. I picked up this handsome card recently and it’s the best AudioDrive I’ve found yet. Last edited by appiah4 on Some comments about a dying standard:

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So for the best, this is it.

The first features bit playback, only 8-bit record not a gaming issuea K 1MB maximum RAM sample based wavetable synth, and speed compensating game port. To date, the VESA spec hasn’t caught on, so it may, or may not be an advantage. Well, first off, “Microsoft Windows Sound System” is Windows’ generic sound card driver, not really any particular card.

A bit cheaper, and more feature laden than the equivalent SB’s. Another area of improvement over its competitors is that 3D Spatializer monitors the incoming signals, and if it senses existing spatial information it will only process this to it’s optimum performance level.

I did a little looking, and one shortcoming of the ESS not is that it doesn’t have full MPU compatibility. Roland SC-7 on a daughterboard. Board index All times are UTC.

ESS Technology ES Audio Driver for Windows

Users browsing this forum: As to the ASP, it is used for Q-sound surroundreal-time digital sound compression, and text-to-voice. Last edited by twistedemotions on I’ve also heard the Turtle Beach Maui, and some Roland products.


This site audi no abandonware.

Some seem to prefer a more FAQ-like format. End result, poor or no effects, and possible hangs. Turtle Beach Tropez As of this update, the Tropez still has just been released, and reports are barely trickling in.

Excellent compatibility with many games. But in practice, this is for the music, not the effects.

ESS ES688 audio card drivers

For example, if a piano sound is played through just the left speaker then we will perceive the sound as coming from the left side. I ended up going with the older ES based card picture above over the ES based card in the OP because it’s non-PnP and it doesn’t ‘pop’ on startup like audik ES, but otherwise the user experience has been the same.

I still have an LAPC They generally offer a cheaper upgrade route. Don’t be mislead by “SB” on ew688 game box or configuration menu. All the clones had no trouble slapping on a Yamaha chip to get FM going.

Perhaps now fixed, or computer dependent? But how the brain perceives it, is important in order to better understand 3D sound. Board index All times are UTC. Many report that these cards are fairly noisy.


VOGONS • View topic – Where can I find the differences between different ESS chips?

One owner said some of the samples are Kurzweil’s best, but some GM samples are “faked. For those starting out, or willing to sell their current hardware, I suggest paying attention to reports on the new Tropez and MV 3D Pro.

So it won’t work in non-standard driver protected mode games, unless they include native AWE support patches are out for many games. It is important to note that for the best auxio results you should not add any effect to the Sum signal because this would affect the tone of the sound and result in lost tonal quality, and poor audio quality. Where can I find aduio differences between different ESS chips? I hope I’ve touched on the main audoo and gaming issues.

Mediocre as it sounds, I still want it for old games, new games that still don’t support G-MIDI or GM music, and for those that do so badly Fleet Defender comes to mind, not giving engine sounds.