Newer Post Older Post Home. Installed card on motherboard without connecting to SSD, then booted. As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. Set System Restore point. My second card has a raid 10 with 4 x GB hybrid drives. For some reason it had a european plug on the PSU.

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Each card is individually tested and inspected to ensure the industry’s highest quality resulting greater performance and reliability. Please note this card does not support RAID 5. This is a very useful component. By r w stimpson. Not all systems support x2 pci-e.

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A bit of googling came up with mainly ex230 stuff and extra usb ports, both of which are giant boxes on the outside of the machine. No messages, no installing drivers, no anything. However, the Marvell drivers are quite poor and lead to dc230 bug-checks after about 6 hours of heavy use, or every other day under normal use and data loss. I spent several weeks trying to work out what was causing my server to crash; since removing this card everything has been running smoothly for hours.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands sc230 communities. So, it’s a neat and fairly small unit but doesn’t feel especially well built. Having a need for an additional SATA port for my Media PC I dropped this card in, from the moment I installed the card the system began suffering random crashes and the BluRay drive connected to this card failed to read any type of disc.

Set System Restore point.

EC230 (SD / SDHC / SDIO Card Reader)

Works perfectly under Windows. It make the process simpler and enables a “Quick build” option which is not available if creating the array using the cards BIOS. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Plug and play giving full nvme speeds Needed this to clone an nvme drive – both my M.

Best Rated in RAID Controllers

The card itself is easy to fit. I tried a copying 1TB data from one drive to another. Does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. I haven’t noticed any big performance penalty from it being a PCI card. Blog posts are encouraged.


A small application for unwrapping omnidirectional images ec320 polar to Cartesian coordinate conversion. But only because I’ve just been using it for 2 months and so have no idea about long term reliability. SIM Manager software This application is free for 30 days.


Cheap, cheerful, and got the job done. I bought this card and now I can run my DVD writer and the old hard disk for data storage as well. Full marks to the vendor and manufacturer. Full marks to Smart Gear for prompt linu and good packaging.

The size and aspect ratio of the produced images can be adjusted and the application performs bilinear or bicubic interpolation in order to improve the quality. To build from the sources, use either ec30 ‘ build. It works and the card is good but be careful. Much faster than I can with two separate 3.

The module can support system boot.

I’m no expert, but the instructions were clear and it was quick and easy to install.