There are no user serviceable parts in the PXGE. Be sure RMA number is clearly identified on the shipping container. Page Figure , A after you change the Internet Options. Pxge Configuration Web Page Page Figure , A to complete the wizard.

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The PXGE can support a total of 96 devices at a time between the three ports.

Eaton Power Xpert Architecture is comprised of both software and hardware components including meters, gateways and connectivity devices. DIN rail adapter mounting hardware kit. Mains, Buses And Devices Page Figure Procedure For Windows 7 To ensure the security of your system, if you ARE using any of the previously listed protocols, AND you can identify pxg060e client IP addresses, leave set access control enabled and enter the trusted host IP addresses.

Power Xpert Gateway and A

Product Model or Version Number: As the support for new devices is developed via the electronic data isb EDSthey will be made available to all PXGE users and can be downloaded from the website: Page This will cause the affected device to display improperly. Note the MAC address here for your convenience.


Properly ground the PXGE during installation.

Enter the login and click OK. Power Xpert Software Click on the button Figure 89, C to go back to Step 1 if you wish to change the selection.

Click on the button Figure 54, C to go back to Step 1 if you wish to change the selection. Pxge Configuration Web Page Figure Examples Of Event Emails NTP that does not require storing information about previous communications. Trends on page If the cause of a malfunction is traced to the PXGE, replace the unit and return the suspect unit to Eaton for repair or replacement.

Easy Integration Into Multi-protocol Environments Serial Eatoh For Pxge A message box similar to Figure opens. The Events Box Configuration Of Downstream Communication Ports Mounting Bracket Diagrams When you connect your Windows computer to the USB port, you will be able to access the same web interface that you can see from the LAN.


If you have completed customizing the parameters go to Saving the Entries on page Click on the button Figure 62, C to go back to Step 1 if you wish to change the selection.

The resulting Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is shown in Figure Pxge Theory Of Operation This section explains how the PXGE works and provides information that will help you configure, install and integrate the product successfully. User Events While you are adding a downstream device or editing it a screen similar Figure appears.

The key parameters faton are reported on the Buses page differ depending on the type of device. PXGE configuration web page.