In such the condition, if a laser beam can be emitted focusing only one the user wishes to scan and a notification about which bar code is scanned is issued to the user, the scanning can be succeeded without having any difficulty. The language field in this tab is grayed. They are classified into several groups described in the table below. Opens My Documents folder. State in that the terminal or application is waiting for an event to occur. This patch is already included in Service Pack 1.

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Note, however, that the AdHoc mode is not recommended because connection problem may occur. Scanner library functions are used to start and stop scanning. Apply Button This button applies the specified color scheme immediately. Auto Recovery Tool This utility uses the backup tool to back up system data, restore system data and automatically execute user designated applications. On the first set, the right earbud has no sound. When both backlight auto dimming and the backlight auto off modes are set enabled, either one with shorter time period specified than the other will have the priority.

Setting the APO function enabled or disabled, or a time period to activate the function can be performed using the Common Device Control Library.


AFH Sycn or manually limits and controls radio wave frequency band to be employed in Bluetooth communication. The following connection types can be created. Certificates This applet is used for editing certificates trusted by the user.

By loading the configuration file into the terminal, settings required for WLAN operation can be easy. The peripheral devices are running while the CPU is in the idle state.

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This patch is already included in Service Pack 1. Slide Show display About Displays csaio information. The size of combined symbol data including the FNC2 function character is limited to 98 characters maximum.

Type Lines up icons in order of category. Large Icon Displays with a large icon. Pastes file and folder that are cut or copied.

Drivers >>> CASIO USB Sync 3303 driver

Changes the display to a page listed in the history. Storage Manager This applet displays the FlashDisk information. Owner This applet is for setting information related to the owner.

Copyrights Tab This tab is for displaying the OS copyright information. Scanning will stop when either scanning is completed for just preset no. In determining the blank at the leading edge of the barcode, if there is a bar width smaller than a certain value, it will be bonded to the fore and aft data, the noise eliminated and the determination made. The input method selected in this pull-down menu will become the default for the input panel.


CASIO USB Sync 3303 driver

Bluetooth communication application xync communication method as well as profile relationships are as follows. Deletes application program installed in the terminal. Enable the checkbox of event you wish to set up the sound enabled. If any new data scanned after exceeding over nine labels stored already in the memory will be disregarded. A Deletes 1 character to the left.

Synnc Functions Master Establishes a connection with Bluetooth equipment in slave mode waiting for connection with the master. When the right marginal space is narrow.

Delete Button This button deletes a specified Terminal Server license.

Bluetooth mobile phone receives task mail from the server. Calculate number other than end 1 digit Calculate coupon number and numeric value segment Calculate numeric value segment 3.