Well, considering that the uses a single WM while the Plus uses 2 WM in dual differential the isn’t just a single ended version of the Plus and its performance may vary somewhat. As an experiment I played one of the hi res files through Foobar, and I can see at the bottom that it’s recognising it as a 96khz file, but it’s still only getting to the DAC at I did give both of the Cambridge DACs a listen in my second system where they gave a creditable performance with the Lym Audio 1. So, I’m a bit back to square 1, with the DAC recognising 96khz files when receiving them from my Blu Ray player on a disc, but not when receiving the same files from my laptop in iTunes even if I play the same Audio DVD disc through my laptop that shows as 96khz when played from my blu ray player. The Cambridge DACs are not known for their bass performance and although it was not a weighty sounding device the was perfectly acceptable in that respect. OobuJoobu , Dec 26, Post 49 of

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I can say however that it is a vast improvement over my existing source which is my ipod input via dacmavic AV receiver which has an awful noise floor. Your name or email address: The USB interfaces are likely to be the same though.


Cambridge Audio DacMagic reviews. HDMI to optical adapter? The only practical limit is the 96kHz sampling rate maximum on optical, if you use something like BitPerfect to switch them on the fly to match the source.

Make sure you install the latest drivers for your DAC first. I hope I’ve given sufficient detail above.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Cambridge Audio DacMagic overview. Apr 11, at 2: The USB is an asynchronous implementation which should offer a low jitter performance. See any errors on this page?

Cambridge Audio DacMagic – Digital to CAMBDACMAGIBL B&H

I just changed the power connection I was using on my power conditioner from the front input to one of the rear filtered outlets and noticed audiable improvements. Just because it’s working some doesn’t mean it’s using the driver you downloaded The sound quality from the DM also exceeds the internal dac on my Marantz CD, the difference is clear to my ears.

Firstly, my modest set up- Laptop running Windows 10 iTunes Post 52 of It is around half the size and weight of the more sophisticated unit and is the type of DAC that is likely to be tucked away and left to perform at the back of the rack.


USB implementation also means high-resolution digital audio files stored on a computer can be shared with a Hi-fi for a level of sound quality far in excess of CD. Discontinued Update Location close.

This is normally a feature found on professional audio kit where it is used to disconnect the ground in a dacmavic connection. SynthfreekDec 27, With components as close in performance as these it is not really possible to ascribe differences accurately to a single part of the signal chain.

DacMagic 100 Impressions

Apr 11, at 9: VocalpointDec 27, The ground lift offers the option of disconnecting that earth connection if it should cause a hum. Log in or Sign up. As far as hum goes, none either Post 58 of This second part looks at the smaller, simpler and substantially cheaper DacMagic and completes the comparisons.

Share This Page Tweet. The result is audio with greater detail, sparkling clarity, and reduced distortion. OobuJoobuDec 27, Do you already have an account?