You will want to confirm these things as well as check that the battery is tied down and secure. It will offcourse depend a lot on the club and location, and the seriousness of the participants. This where rallycross gets its name — it is a cross between a rally and a race, the implicit assumption being that rallying is not a race. As you said about autocross: Hard on the brakes for an automatic or other clutchless cars. Instead of argument, why not some more Bark grade fiction? Racing against the clock, competing with other drivers for the fastest time etc.

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Autocross is a descriptive term no different then rally, oval racing, or Road racing. Its not the spending floor, its the cheating, bribery, and general asshattedness that takes it away from racing. There will be a series of work stations on the course, autocrossinf with a red flag. If you happen to go on the wrong side of these pointer cones the penalty applied is considered a “Did Not Finish” DNF.

January 05, to January 06, If they would run it fairly and get away from the silliness they would really have something there. And then you still may get the follow up question…who won, you or Marcia? Generally, the first person to notice is the person it benefits. I assure you, it is not a semantics argument to national-level autocrossers. In larger events, a driver may drive the course uatocrossing eight to ten “runs” against the clock.


If the guys who want to run in National Tour autocross are OK spending multiple thousands of dollars for a weekend of it, big deal.

Many events encourage or require participants to “work the course” as a corner worker repositioning cones that drivers have hit or another job to help the event run smoothly. Articles needing additional references from April Autoocrossing articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Good cheap fun flinging a car around.

Be sure that you arrive on time or ealry for work, as tardy daiky often delays event start times.

Autocross FAQ – Sports Car Club of America

From wrc, to pikes peak, Isle of Man tt and autox is a form of time trials. The reason I was never autocrossibg fast as other drivers was because because of the fear factor. Find a hill climb, Bark. You will be driving against people in your class. For beginning drivers, a quality set of performance road tires are recommended.

American autocross

He must conquer fear. Side consider inside sidereal beside broadside aside reside residence.

And if you could arguably make a form of motorsports much safer, like safety improvements autocrkssing Formula One, then does that mean it is moving further away auhocrossing being called Racing as well? Some of the finest race car drivers came out of autocross, it is mearly a stepping stone on the ladder if you want to climb it. They check for a working seat belt, good return on throttle, brake pressure, a secure battery, tight lug nuts, play in suspension and bearings, interior free of lose items including floor mats, street tires must have measureable tread left and no cords showing.


Auto x is a form of racing. Whether it is for the preservation of the site, or safety of those around you, there is a place to play with your car, and there are many places not to.

Posted in FeaturesNews Blog Tagged as barks bites. They compete in earnest, and they are mostly supportive of their competitors. Getting TOO into anything is usually a recipe for not having much fun…. All that we ask is that you sign our waiver upon entry into the event.

Over a set course hmmmm mm darn is an autocross track not a course? By discovering autocrossig limits of your car in a safe, controlled environment, autocrossing will help improve your driving skills on the road as well as on a track. While autocross was my official speed thrill, I believed Autocrozsing was indeed racing, but the only competition is really you understanding and working with your car. If you win, you probably had a good day.

Boy was it dull.