The submenu bar provides six submenu buttons: Workstations, single-attach stations, dualattach stations, and concentrators are FDDI stations. The default setting is port Page 38 Advanced J Wireless for wireless model If you use a wireless camera, you can configure the respective settings in the Wireless submenu, which contains two options: Please note that you are not allowed to delete a path setting if there is only one setting in the list.

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Check this option to enable motion detection function of your camera. Ethernet The most airlivf LAN communication technology. Please wait to complete the procedure; you can then reboot the camera. Basic J Network The first step is to configure networking settings of the camera.

Click Basic in the top menu bar to start the step-by-step configuration.

Step 3 Read and accept the License Agreement; then, click Yes. Page 50 Click Reboot to restart the camera.

AIRLIVE WL-5460CAM Manuals

Page 75 Configuring the System Clicking the Configuration button on the panel allows you to configure the system settings, and the System Configuration Screen will appear in the View Window as shown below. Click the Configuration button Configuration. By default, the destination folder to save the recorded video files is: Click Reboot ailive restart the camera.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Then, the InstallShield Wizard will appear, click Next in the welcome screen.

Page 23 Controlling and Viewing Video In the Home window, you can control the camera through the control buttons on the right side of the window.

Please refer to Web Configuration section for further details. Show one camera in View Window. Account This filed allows the system administrator to manage the account information.


Applying a standard web browser, the administrator can configure and aitlive the camera directly from its own web page via the Intranet or Internet. Start a DOS window. Basic Setup The Basic menu contains three steps that will guide you through the basic configuration for the camera.

The range of Time interval of scan is from 1 to 20 seconds. When selected, the path of the AVI file will appear in the box, as shown below. Page of Go. Reboot Click the Reboot item of the Configuration submenu to bring up the following page, which allows you to restart the camera.

Might be caused from the firewall protection. Page 41 – Upload image to Network share folder: Page 59 Configuration of FFdshow Before playing the recorded video file, you have to change the following settings in FFdshow: The available settings are from 10 MB to 50 MB. Configuration and Firmware Upload.


For example, if you use only one camera, select one-camera modeand the View Window will display the view as figure 1.

Airlive WLCAM Manuals

It is different from the conventional PC camera, Internet camera is an all-in-one system with built-in CPU and web-based solutions providing a low cost solution that sl-5460cam transmit high quality video images for monitoring.

A gateway links computers that use different data Gateway formats together. The main screen will appear as below: Maintenance J Firmware Upload The Firmware Upload submenu allows you to update the firmware of the camera once you obtained a latest version of zirlive. Motion Configuration-1 The Motion Configuration-1 item provides the commands for motion detection control. Maintenance The Maintenance menu contains two submenus: