Now with the SH6, which is virtually a new design of the CPU side of the board, everyone wonders if the board is more stable or not. Mon May 21, 4: I don’t have the raid version, but am using a Promise Fatrack controller in it with zero trouble. With a ratio of 3: Read on to find out if this board can serve as a bridge between your Slot-1 CPU and your next Socket processor. Intel Ultra ATA 6. It’s just not stable.

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Had to return it since it wouldn’t work with my processor, which I guess is not something to fault it for since it isn’t a production piece. The power supply connector, just like other recent ABIT motherboards, is located on the right edge of the motherboard, so the power supply cables will not have to run over the CPU.

It’s just not stable.

Mon May 21, 4: Mon May 21, 3: I’ve never been a big fan of on-board stuff excludiing the IDE controlleras it would seem it would be more likely to cause conflicts. Mon May 21, That would not be a problem, but I do lots of video capture, and I am forced to use Windows ME right now because it can capture a shitload better than Windows Those who have been paying attention to processor evolution should remember the decision by Intel to migrate from Socket-7 to Slot-1 a couple years ago when they released the Pentium II.


Two of the fan connectors are located close to the DIMM slots, and the third one is located at the bottom left hand corner of the board.

But for users with Slot-1 processors, who think that their Videl motherboards are getting old, but don’t want to go after VIA chipsets or give up their CPUs, the SH6 is definitely a very impressive motherboard and basically your only option right now.

Mon May 21, 2: When you want to overclock, heat is one of the biggest concerns.

Intel Ultra ATA 6. We will talk more about the reasons for this later on, but for now you can see that there are traces all over the place, so ABIT is not wasting any PCB space at all.

Anyone Out There With An Abit SA6 or SA6R?

With a ratio of 2: For those who had bought a Slot-1 motherboard and CPU that meant they would not be able to upgrade anymore without getting a new motherboard and CPU. Nov 30, Posts: Surprisingly, ABIT takes yet another step in stability.

Log in Don’t have an account? Its a nice motherboard from what I can tell.


But that means I will have to switch to Windows if I want to take advantage of eh6. Unfortunately for those users who bought Slot-1 motherboards with those thoughts in mind, the advent of on-die L2 cache with the Celeron and Coppermine CPU’s signaled a move back to socketed designs due to their lower manufacturing costs.


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OK dammit, eight people have LOOKED at this topic, so dammit to hell fire and don’t burn the biscuits, you must have some opinion to offer!! Sep videoo, Posts: Runs fine even with ME.

Jul 1, Posts: Jun 17, Posts: I don’t even consider anything below a 5. Have had it for about 4 months now with no serious complaints.

ABIT SH6 – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i815E

Sorry vdieo persist, just wanted to make sure. Content Creation Winstone Obviously for users with Socket processors, the SH6 will not be on their shopping list. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.