In the beginning, all Ethernet cards had AUI ports and the transceiver was connected by a cable. The older revisions without B don’t work in a 8 bit slot, but the newer do. But i do not manage to connect and ping my D-link router unfortunatly i lack twisted pair to try connect another computer directly. Would this be viable to put a AWE32 soundcard in an , or does it use the full bit on card for audio? The packetdriver loading like a charm, tcpdrv likewise. Maybe if someone implements a specific input routine FF does not seem to appear for any card.

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Perhaps if you feel you have a surplus, you can offer some to other people looking for an XT compatible network card? I must have around ten of them. Thanks for the upload. Please test it, you will find the files attached to this post. I have a few machines that need a NIC.

My configuration settings are as follows: In my case, it’s on a homebrew computer system Flea86 with a some basic 8-bit ISA support bolted on. In dls case it could probably be modified to work by someone more knowledgeable on x86 assembly than me!


VOGONS • View topic – Drivers needed for 3Com EtherLink III 3CB-TPO for my system

I’ve been curious about Descent’s networking ability as well, between machines. Ahhh the problems with “hacks” not an unofficial patch. I should be able to base a config utility for s on this. Think of a packet driver as the device driver for the Ethernet card. Thank you hope it work full way.

JT64, I can keep an eye open for you on the domestic market as well. Sharing is caring ya know. What tools did you use todo such a thing and how do you know which instructions isdo you just keep their equivalent instruction in the head?

Connection from a DOS-system using TCP/IP

I wonder what’s preventing me from going further. EXE still runs just fine in it.

This isn’t really unexpected behavior. This can’t be called modding: Just curious, does anyone have a “pre-programmed” hex file to program a eeprom with these settings? Users browsing this forum: Then i used trumpet ping utility at the web config adress There’s more to it notice the collision detect wires. I think the original configuration utility will only work on a or better.


3Com Software Library – Network Interface Cards

I have just recently tried this out. It should work an a real as-is. I have a CT inside now terribly noisy, and as midi device the OPL pretty much sucks at least for 3xom.

I rather pay more get the right tool in this case the XT-IDE and know it will work every time I flip that big red switch.

3Com 3C509B or 3C509B-TPO Free Driver Download

Or would there be more to it? Thanks for letting me know. Pioneer SX, dls serviced! XD Thought this was worth a shot and it has worked for me too! Some of the b-tpo do not have this extra chip. What assembler did you use – an older copy of MASM?

I knew there were additional signals on the aui but I was hoping it was “downward lay compatible.