So I had tried to use iwconfig eth1 channel 6 and i have an error: Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Thanks in advance Fabrizio” Hi Fabrizio, Unfortunately linux-restricte d-modules- 2. I had to go back to 2. It wasn’t being read so I picked it up and checked the connections

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CONFIG_ZD1211RW: ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB-wireless support

Tx power 16 dBm; MAC driver offered; http: Is there a workaround? Tx power 15 dBm; http: You have almost nothing BUT issues! Error for wireless request “Set Frequency” 8B In fact, if I connect the PC with the onboard ethernet adapter Intel Ethernet Pro everything seems to work fine I haven’t experienced any lockups during the last hour or so.

MachM macmail wrote on Hi there, I’ve got a really messy problem that I’m fighting with it for a couple of days. Driver included in the mainline kernel since Linux 2. Driver included in mainline kernel as of 2. Driver available from manufacturer: Zydas zdb on Slackware.


The connection isn’t established. It comes up in the system as a RT73 and it has a native driver installed.

I have random freezes but in my case i can somewhat control it by stopping mouse movement for about 5 second after which it comes back to normal but with mouse movement after that 12115 freezes permanently with Caps-Lock and Num-Lock keyboard light flashing after which i have to hard reset it. If the issue still exists, could you attach a new dmesg output after a fresh boot?

Before I start the hunt for USB adapters I want to make sure I am using the best driver s and that the newer equipment will be worth it. Please open a terminal and run and post: Unifying Receiver Bus Device You should then be able to install the linux-image Please find enclosed a new dmesg output as requested.

I just need to be sure its a good quality one when I buy it.

zdrw – Debian Wiki

I’m using Hardy with the latest patches installed. Having a problem logging in? I’ve noticed that I still get some hard lockups even when the USB wireless adapter is not connected.


Let’s be sure what we are working with.

June 13th, 7. Need help with usb zydas based wifi card.


And I cannot figure out what to do. Of course the wired Ethernet created a new auto connection which I had to turn off You have a wireless interface and it’s connected, albeit to a weak signal: IF that is the correct match for this adaptor. I don’t have module ehci-hcd wich is probably for zd It’s fine if you’d prefer to wait for the lrm I do not use Rythmbox bot outside of that same symptoms, have disabled Compizsame thing happens with Are you new to LinuxQuestions.